Booster Board

Darin Miller - President, 9 years on the board.775-283-8899

Michelle Coltrin - Vice President 2021/2022 1st year on the board.

Diane Miller - Treasurer, 9 years on the board. 925-202-6585

Ashley Barton - Secretary 2021/2022 1st year on the board.

Tiffany Borland - Media/Bingo Coordinator, 2021/2022 1st year on the board. 775-980-5383

Mara Spencer - School Liaison, 9 years on the board.

Brian Mathews - Safe & Sober Grad Night Chairman, 4 years on the board.

Monthly Booster Meeting

Boosters meet the third Thursday of each month from 5:30 - 7:00 pm in the DHS Library. This is subject to change based on school closures, holidays, or other events.